Philip Glass’s Etude No.16 – Maki Namekawa Solo Piano

Leading up to the November 25th release of the complete collection of his piano etudes, Philip Glass plans to drop two tracks from the 20-song collection each week.
This week, you can view Maki Namekawa’s performance of “Etude No. 16″.

The new set is something else entirely, expanding Philip Glass’s harmonic language in new directions, and discovering new possibilities in his familiar, oscillating patterns.

The complete set of 20 Etudes are released on this disc for the first time, recorded by Maki Namekawa for Glass’s Orange Mountain Music label. Glass composed the first ten etudes for his own performance, as an attempt to push at the limits of his own ability as a pianist, and part of the charm of his recording of that first set was the gap between the fine-tuned clockworks of his composition and the rough, effusive humanity of his interpretations.

The muscle of his new compositions live up to the gusto of Namekawa’s performance, and vice versa. She rises to the challenge of these works with real passion and grandeur.

Philip Glass – The complete Piano Etudes performed by Maki Namekawa auf iTunes

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