Philip Glass – The complete Piano Etudes performed by Maki Namekawa hits #1 iTunes Classical Charts.

Two decades in the making, Philip Glass’s 20 exquisite etudes have recently been completed, standing as a record of one man s deeply personal relationship to his instrument and an embodiment of his evolving style.

“Namekawa’s high-velocity interpretation blows right past those limits with precise, illuminating and exhilarating execution of his most intricately interlocked arpeggios, managing to bring out the subtle ingenuity of his voicings and rhythms while still maintaining an approachable warmth.”

The complete set of 20 Etudes are released on this disc for the first time, recorded by Maki Namekawa for Glass’s Orange Mountain Music label. Glass composed the first ten etudes for his own performance, as an attempt to push at the limits of his own ability as a pianist, and part of the charm of his recording of that first set was the gap between the fine-tuned clockworks of his composition and the rough, effusive humanity of his interpretations. In addition to the first book – Etudes Nos.1-10 – recorded anew with virtuoso Maki Namekawa, this set contains the world premiere recording of the second book of etudes – Nos.11-20 – including the incredibly Romantic 20th Etudes. 125 minutes of music in total. Order online

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