Ars Lightshow - Storyweaver - based on the Japanese Tale of Crane, who returns a favor. more

Ars Electronica Linz – Deep Space LIVE: Story Weaver – The Crane Returns a Favor

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September 4, 2014 | 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Ars Electronica Center



Story Weaver ist ein mit animierten Bildern gekoppeltes Pianostück, gespielt von der in Linz lebenden japanischen Pianistin Maki Namekawa. Es stützt sich auf das japanische Märchen vom Kranich, der einen Gefallen erwidert. Die visuellen Möglichkeiten des Deep Space dienen dazu, die Geschichte zu einer ganzheitlichen Erfahrung werden zu lassen.


Piano: Maki Namekawa
Musik: Chiaki Ishikawa
Zeichnungen: Emiko Ogawa
Visual Programming: Naohiro Hayaishi
Workshop Programming: Tetsuro Yasunaga
Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa


Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo.


Storyweaver connects digital piano signals and visual animations projected on Deep Space wall and floor, creating the impression that the story is woven in real-time. In the folktale, “The crane returns a favor,” the crane “weaves” as a form of repayment. When the pianist starts to play the piano, strings dance on the wall and floor, and the story expands, as if she is weaving it. Optimizing the “L-type” structure and the huge immersive environment of Deep Space, this project provides a unique physical experience. It is not just like a picture story show or a PC screen—the entire screen surface moves and swings.

In the old days, Japanese folktales were passed down by word of mouth, transmitting culture and the national spirit from one generation to the next. Storyweaver aims to reconstruct this aspect of a “shared live experience“ in an artistic way, retelling the story that is no longer passed down in the oral tradition.

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