5. June 2016
by Maki
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It’s hard to see actual sales but I’m thinking that we have reached just about 10,000 sales for your recording of The Complete Etudes.  We sold 4800 on iTunes of the complete set.  With CDs, it’s hard to say because many get shipped and we only get paid much later. All I can see is how many we’ve manufactured.  I think we probably sold at least 3,500 to 5,000 CDs.

To sell 10,000 copies of a classical album in the modern era is incredible.  Brava to you.  It’s an incredible recording and the videos – all of them, certainly helped with sales.

Richard Guerin

Piano etude No.9 & No.20 | Philip Glass

23. January 2016 by Maki | Comments Off

MAKI NAMEKAWA plays Philip Glass Piano Etude No.9 & No.20

Directed, filmed and edited by ANDREAS H. BITESNICH.


Styling Nina Kepplinger
Make Up and Hair Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Sound recording Robert Lunak
Assistant Christoph Kaltenbacher
Assistant Michael Obex
Technician at Ars Electronica Center Florian Wanninger

The complete Philip Glass Piano Etudes are available on iTunes

proudly presented by Orange Mountain Music


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14. November 2015
by Maki
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Review: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – Philip Glass Etudes with Maki Namekawa

“The Herald” Scotland about the Piano Solo Recital at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

A review from Catherine Robb

Imagine a montage from a film in which the main character searches inquisitively, desperately, longingly, for something significant. There will be moments of false hope, wrong turns, near successes, and doubtful questioning.

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